David Rycroft is a teacher trainer and curriculum developer for Mind with Heart. 

Mind with Heart aims to create the conditions for young people and their educators to come to a firm commitment to empathy, compassion and altruism based on their own reasoning, experience and initiative.

Trainings for teachers

Mind with Heart's training is a unique opportunity for educators to explore the role of empathy and mindfulness in enhancing personal well-being, relationships with young people and colleagues, and day-to-day motivation and efficacy. Scientific evidence demonstrates that by training in mindfulness and empathy we can considerably reduce levels of stress.

In the first three-day training teachers become familiar with the role of empathy and mindfulness for themselves. This opportunity offers teachers a complete break from their daily concerns, and restores a sense of humanity and connection with themselves and with others. Teachers are introduced to a range of mindfulness and compassion practices and have time to experiment with them.

The trainings allow like-minded educators to explore:
- the relationship between mindfulness, empathy and well-being
- the implications for education professionals
- the tools to cultivate these skills and to apply them.


For details of forthcoming trainings, visit Mind with Heart.