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7 octobre, 2015

Paris Exhibition

SANS DEHORS NI DEDANS avec Damien Brohon

Octobre - Novembre 2105

Galerie Metanoia

Rue Quincampoix, 75004 PARIS


August 12, 2013

The port in La Rochelle

Just completed two large canvases in La Rochelle. It's an amazing place - luminous and vibrant. Many painters have created images of these iconic towers over the centuries and I too have tried to capture a sense of something classically beautiful and harmonious, while also infusing this with contemporary liveliness.

The first question people who stop to talk ask is often "How long has that taken you?' and the follow-up question, "How much to buy it?"

Both paintings are now on show in La Rochelle itself at Nobilis, rue Minage.

Read the article in Sud Ouest.


Nov 6, 2012

Something Completely Different

Getting ready for the Compassion in Society conference on 23-24 Nov.

Not so much artwork as personal reminder; I see so many swooshes in the day that I thought – Why not make this a reminder ? – not only a reminder about how fashionable all these people are but also a reminder that, whoever I interact with, kindness is always an option...  



June 1, 2012

Clear Light Collective

You may already have heard about the Clear Light Collective, and in this week's post I'd like to introduce you to two artitst friends who are part of the collective, Damien Brohon (upper image) and Dennis Elliot-Smith (lower image). Both artists engage with creativity as a contemplative practice. Though each continues to develop his own language of expression, there emerges from both artists qualities of refinement and awe. It's as if looking into their own minds is both a subtle and magnificent exploration.



May 24, 2012

Uplifting the mind

Returning to a theme from two weeks ago, when Midi Libre talked about subjects that 'uplift the heart', I am reminded of this work, Uplifted Mind, which, for me, captures something of the calm and clarity of a contemplative state of mind. 

There's a sense of poise and elegance, while also being relaxed and naturally flowing. This indivisibility of precision and spaciousness is central to these sweeping abstracts, and is all the more apparent in the vertical formats, where we are no longer trying to read them as landscapes. 


You may think this is stretching a point, but I would like to make a connection between Uplifted Mind and Antony Gormley's drawings (Clearing 103 shown here). I was fortunate to meet Gormley at the Forum of Buddhist Art at the Courtauld Institute recently.  In his twenties, he spent some years as a Buddhist monk and while he does not want to be labelled 'Buddhist', it is clear that there is an overlap between his interests as an artist and training on the Buddhist path. Put very briefly, in both cases there is an enduring enthusiasm to investigate the nature of consciousness and its relationship with the  space which it seems to inhabit.

It is remarkable that his works exude such presence.  Many people seem to be able to relate to his sculputres. This is perhaps because he creates and explores a trans-cultural artistic language which communicates the felt, first-person experience of being human and brings out the communality we all share as human beings.

Like all great contemplative artwork, his work is both an expression of and an invitation to the cultivation of meditative stability and open presence.



May 17, 2012

Infinite diversity : One nature

Just finishing preparations for the Montpellier Private View of the UNESCO exhibition, Infinite diversity : One nature. You can register to come to the vernissage at

Not all the paintings from the Paris UNESCO show will be in Montpellier, and there will be several extras in their place. Three of these new paintings will be travelling from Beziers where they are presently part of an exhibition of European painting. 

It is interesting to see the overall effect of an exhibition of these paintings. A programme specialist at UNESCO wrote "you bring light, peace and colour into our work and uplift the mind". Another participant said "I really enjoy these paintings! They pull you in and create a natural sense of contemplation and peace".


May 10, 2012

Lodève triptych

South of France newspaper Midi Libre said on Monday "For David Rycroft, everything that uplifts the heart is worthy of being painted".

Spring is exploding here. In this Lodève triptych, I am trying to capture the  vitality of the season together with the elegance and spaciousness of the setting outside the Hotel-de-ville. 

As this painting progresses, it seems to be communicating a real appreciation of being in this place: I guess the artist's job is to help us realise that where we are - wherever that is - can be truly wonderful. It's just a question of how we are looking...


May 3, 2012

Cambridge triptych

Over Easter I was back in the UK completing this commission of Cambridge. The challenge was to find a view in Cambridge that captured the essence and feeling of the place for a visiting American professor - something for him to take back when he returns to the US. 

While in the UK, I took the opportunity to catch the Hockney show at the RA - absolutely knock-out. The fauvist colour and rhythmic sweeps of the path and grass are definitely a reference to Hockney's painterly confidence. 

The triptych format for a panorama like this works really well: Not only does it create a sense of spaciousness and rhythm but also allows for multiple perspectives and viewpoints (see photo of the easels 'in situ').