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Sud Ouest on painting in La Rochelle

'Après Marquet, David Rycroft'


Midi Libre on David's exhibition at UNESCO, Paris

Le peintre David Rycroft vient d’exposer ses toiles à l’Unesco

[David Rycroft’s] paintings, partly inspired by Zen calligraphy, radiate an impression of great serenity….Resulting from an innovative technique, his works evoke the beauty, grace and powerful majesty of nature.



Richard Calvocoressi, Director Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 1987-2007 on the 'sweepings' series

David Rycroft's recent works are the product of a technical breakthrough, which has unlimited potential.

These 'unpainted' pictures - unpainted in the sense that the artist, instead of using a brush, drags the support over the medium - evoke a cosmic dimension, which is truly liberating.